Monday, July 18, 2011


So today was Annie and Mary Day in Blue Lake. Here is a brief summary on the history of the day:

Stories differ as to how the Arcata and Mad River Railroad got its feminine nickname. Popular common lore is that the Arcata to Korbel line was named Annie and Mary Railroad in honor of clerks working at each end of the line. However, in a 1969 research paper on the relatively short line, author David Clark noted that the nickname could have easily arisen from Annie and Mary Vintera, nieces of one of the Korbel Brothers, owners of the timber company at the east end of the rail line.

Here is more information: MORE INFORMATION!

Dell'Arte was asked to march in the parade. The theme was "On the Railroad". I went as an Asian worker. Together we just looked crazy. Here are pictures!

There are many more that i PROMISE I will upload once i get them.

A couple of us then spent the rest of the time on the beach. It was very cold, but it was fun nonetheless!

 Anna and Grace were brave and jumped in the water.

 We were too cold.

And THEN! We went to get some milkshakes. This contraption is super neat. You pick your milkshake flavor and put the cup in this machine, pick your thickness and voila! It mixes it for you! 

That is all for today! If you want to hear a funny story about an intruder ask me next time I see you!

One week left! :@(

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