Sunday, July 10, 2011


My summer English class is about to start so I apologize if my blogs are a bit shorter or are late. I am going to try my hardest to keep up with everything, but please forgive me if i fall a bit behind here.

This morning was the la Grange Pancake Breakfast. A number of people from my class, including myself, volunteered. We served, cleaned plates, refilled coffee and juice, folded silverware...tons of stuff. It was a lot of fun. The community was very gracious. It wasn't very hard to stay motivated when Joan, the Head of Dell'Arte, the lead in Mary Jane: the Musical and many other shows here at Dell'Arte, is working along side of you, washing dishes. It puts things into perspective. It is an awesome reflection of what this school values...which is another reason why I love it so much.

After the breakfast a couple of my classmates and I went to the beach! It was chilly today. The sun was up, but there was a crisp wind which made it chilly. It was nice to relax on the beach...once we got there. We pretty much bushwhacked through the Redwoods. We had to crawl and go down steeeeep clifs holding onto branches for support. There was one point where we had to use a fallen tree as a foot bridge. I felt like I was in Pirates of the Caribbean or something. As if out of nowhere, two young boys magically appeared and told us how to get down to the beach. We willingly followed. Turned out the led us straight to a cliff. Their mom (this fabulous young hippie), who just as magically appeared, ended up showing us how to get to the beach. We had to trudge our way out the forrest back to the parking lot...we walked through another pathway, down some tree root steps and then some rocks and finally...THE BEACH.

The forest we explored. 

I love the ocean!

It looks like the beach from LOST


Afterward the beach we drove around Trinidad for a while. We ate Fish and Chips for dinner from a local restaurant. It was super yummy!
This one is going up early today! I have to memorize some lines for this week and get some reading in. Thank you for reading! It's halfway over! AAAAAAGH!

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