Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Midsummer Night's Dream 3

Week Two has successfully concluded. We have worked and ran acts 1-4 throughout the week and are planning on running 5 and then THE WHOLE SHOW at our Sunday rehearsal! WOAH! What a fruitful week! It has been so much fun to watch Sarah and Andrew direct. For our own personalities and talents, we have the group that fits us perfectly. Sarah is directing the Mechanicals, Andrew, the Faeries including Bottom, and myself, the Royals and Lovers. When you see it, you will understand what I am talking about.

 It has been really nice to have a stable location to rehearse. The porch has been serving us very well. We were able to use the grass in front of the porch, the stairs, various sides and even did a scene while walking around the whole space to get used to walking and talking throughout it. Who knew a single wrap around porch and one bench could serve as a faerie forest, a house and palace?
It also has been a nice hang out space for the company during downtime. We are so blessed to have this space!

That's right...we have SWORDS!

oh hai! That's me directing!

hanging out on ze porch

 ALSO we now have beautiful flyers designed by Andrew.

Please, feel free to download this, print it, forward it, share it, like it on facebook, email it....ANYTHING. We could use all the help we can to get the word out!

Our company was also busy filling out a ton (and I mean, A TON) of notecards with information about the show on them. These have come in handy to pass out to people we meet or talk to who want a reminder of when and where the show is!

I think one of the most touching things about working on this project has been the fact the love of the ART and not just how we feel onstage or the applause we get or whatnot...brings us together to celebrate one another. It is like what Stanislavsky said: 

"Love art in yourself and not yourself in art."  
I had been working on a Middle School Production of Wizard of Oz which opened this past weekend and a good chunk of Midsummer turned out to watch some middle school theatre magic. Eric (Quince), Kiayla (Titania), Kevin (Philostrate), Jess (Hyppolyta), Andrew (Lysander), Megan (Moth) and Sarah (Helena) were all there!

It is beautiful to watch the young theatre artists on stage. There were so many honest moments throughout the performance that is makes me excited for the future of theatre and we were here to see them, support them, and help guide them. Those children inspired me to go out and work my hardest to put on the best production I possibly can.

As we enter into this third week, I know we have our work cut out for us. Cleaning and running and working and memorizing and advertising and all sorts of challenges lay in front of us. But I know, as long as we all maintain a positive attitude, keep our egos in check and recognize that we play a small but important part of something bigger than ourselves, we will be ok.

P.s. Please like our page on facebook and spread the word! Our Facebook Page! 

P.P.s. Please Please invite your friends to our event! There are times and directions on how to get to Camp Wokanda on there too! A Midsummer Night's Dream at Camp Wokanda!

P.P.P.s. We are also asking for any donations of old bedsheets you do not want anymore. We are going to be sewing them together to create our backdrop/backstage area.
 Please email me: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Midsummer Nights Dream 2

We have officially wrapped up our first week of rehearsals! It has only been a week, but it was full of crazy adventures already. Since we do not have our own building, we have relied on the kindness of others to donate space to rehearse. Thus far, we have rehearsed in the lobby of the Bradley Theatre, the studio space in the Bradley Theatre, the community room at Schnucks, and the porch of the Park District Building. Thank goodness our cast is so generous with their time and open minded!

Not many people can say they have rehearsed in a grocery store and a porch...hooray for grassroots theatre!

This week we officially signed our contract with Camp Wokanda! It feels like the three of us bought a house together. We visit the space every week just to BE there and walk around...and  I swear it gets prettier every time we go!

We started our blocking rehearsals this week! In four short days we have all but two scenes completely blocked! It has been so amazing. There are beautiful amounts of play at every rehearsal. The environment feels so safe. It is wonderful to take a step back every once in a while and look at all the different people working together and playing together. Something or someone is definitely watching over this production. Even with what could be perceived as setbacks i.e. losing our rehearsal space, random miracles would occur. For the three of us were panicking about finding a rehearsal space on Wednesday, the man who delivered and was setting up my futon (which was two days late) suggested Schnucks. We called and they had a room available! It was as if the stars had to align just right. My futon HAD to be late because otherwise we wouldn't have had a space. He also offered to help out with any heavy lifting and transportation of set pieces! It is so wonderful how art can bring people together!

Here are some of our rehearsal pictures!

Rehearsal in a grocery store!

Rehearsal on a porch

Sarah and I closed out the week with another visit to Camp Wokanda. After rehearsing in various locations it was interesting to go back and walk the blocking. The stage is huge!!! For any cast member reading this, we are going to be in great shape before all this is over!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Midsummer Inspiration and Research

Hey guys! So, here is a compilation of Andrew, Sarah and my research pictures and videos.  This will give you a feel of our world and inspiration for the piece! ENJOY!

Midsummer 1909 part 1

Midsummer 1909 part 2