Tuesday, July 5, 2011


HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! I AM EXTREMELY BURNT!  I spent a couple hours chopping some wood as Steve would say. I laid out by the river reading Ragtime. I love how I now look like a raccoon because of my sunglasses tan ahahah. While i was reading, a dog kept coming up to me. She belonged to a woman not too far from where I was sitting. She would sniff my face,  lick my face, and then eventually sit next to me and lean on me. Maybe she knew I was missing my dog and wanted to make me feel better? That is one thing that amazes me about this place, the number of friendly wandering animals there are. Just the other day, we had two cats and a Chihuahua hanging out by our front door and later a big fluffy white dog came up to say hi. None of them are aggressive. They just want to be acknowledged, maybe get a bite to eat, and then they are on their merry way!

Later that night, one of the professors threw a big cookout for everyone. They say once you go to Dell'Arte you are part of the La Familiga. That is so true! The cookout felt like one big family get together. The professors (their families and children) were there, Dell'Arte Master's students and PTP students, and us. It is so great how there are absolutely no egos here. The older students have been coming up to us to talk about our experience and get to know us, as well as the professors. It is such an inviting atmosphere. 

 Aaron and I!
 The boys were were taken down by some crazy 10 yr old girls! hahaha

 Oh hey! It is Drew!
 Of course the night wouldn't be complete without a massage circle!
 Time for some sparklers!
Beatles and folk song sing-a-long!

Afterwards our Intensive group went down to the river to shoot off fireworks! Blue Lake doesn't have their own show, BUT it is legal to shoot them off here. Our were puny compared to the other peoples. One group shot some legitimate fireworks off the top of the bridge which was right above us. We had our own show! After every single one, we would cheer. It was too much fun and so funny. 

I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July! I miss you all!

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