Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Today we began with stretches. Joe told us that stretching is a result of breath and form. I love the way the instructors turn my normal way of thinking about something and flip it upside down. It empowers the action rather than forcing it. He also went through our entire body pointing out the primary and secondary curves along our body.  You can see how there are curves that are concave and convex. For every convex curve, there is a concave one.  PRETTY AWESOME HUH? Here is a picture you can reference. Or you can see it on yourself!

We also went through the 8 Labon Efforts with Joan. As we were instructed through the different efforts we would demonstrate them with our whole body. We then did them again with isolated parts of our body keeping in mind what character would use that motion. The eight efforts go as such: wring, press, glide, float, flick, dab, punch, slash.

We then began our work in characterization, mask work, primarily. We did a mini project that involved creating creatures with body bags ALA mummenschanz. When we can create such wonderful pieces with our bodies such as this, I don't know why we would want to do anything else. I am totally re inspired. And after a rough day yesterday, it couldn't have come at a better time. 

Tips for the mask:
To see clearly.
To inhabit the entire body.
Have specific attitudes.
Work with what's inside of me.


our bag creature

our creature moves

oh wait. I KINDOF AM!

"We live among the generation of the distracted. As artists, it is our job to bring people back to focus" -Joan's thought of the day

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