Sunday, August 21, 2011


For the past two weeks, I have been working on the Bradley University production of Ragtime. Our team was joined by Tommy Rapley of the HOUSE theatre this week. He worked with us on Pinocchio three years ago and it is an honor to work with him again. He is an: actor/choreographer/singer/dancer/MOVEMENT COACH/DIRECTOR, MOVEMENT DRAMATURG. AAAAAAAAH! YES! (my dream life IS POSSIBLE!)  He is one of the most down to earth, positive, funny, passionate people I know. He led several workshops on physical theatre and ensemble building (sound familiar?) in addition to choreographing the show. It has been so wonderful to be able to build a community with the wonderful and talented group of actors in our Ragtime ensemble. On many occasions we have been moved to tears during rehearsals. This show is filled with so much heart and touches on so many hard issues that we need to have a safe environment to fully explore and play in this world. It amazes me that in an exploration of physical theatre we have come so close to one another. LOVE IT!

Some words and thoughts of wisdom from Tommy: 

*We are giving gifts to the audience. When we reach one person in the audience, you have given the gift to everyone. 
* Our blows are softened and joys magnified by a strong ensemble. 
* The importance of moving past our successes and failures in a scene; to live in the moment.
* To be ok with failing, but hold ourselves to perfection. 
*Stay in the game. 

Just when I was getting homesick for Dell'Arte, the Universe put Tommy back in my life. The language, attitude and view on theatre and art he uses is similar to the pedagogy of DAI. I have a coffee date planned with him for when he comes back! I cannot wait to pick his brain. MORE SOON!

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