Sunday, August 7, 2011

dell'arte and BEYOND

Joan, Ronlin and I 
(note: Joan's shirt says: eat, sleep, poop)

This is my last blog as a Dell'Arte student...for now. HOWEVER...i am going to keep this blog going. We were given book lists from the school as well as Ronlin on the last day. I plan on reading as many as i can and then writing about it! I am also going to chronicle the journey (at least as much as I can) of an aspiring actor/poet/creator.

SO, now I am just going to write about the topics discussed at our last gathering. 
  • Take away the pressure of tryng to succeed.
  • Do not direct yourself, but BE it.
  • The theatre is all physical. It is all movement. 
  • When you live outside of your own habits, the more transformable you become. 
  • Enter the body of the character and be surprised by the play/intentions of the character. 
I am so grateful I have had the opportunity to study here. This is a magical place that completely and honestly transforms those who come here with an open mind. I know this is the place I belong. I WILL come back to study with these magnificent professors who's passion for the theatre is truly inspiring.

I miss every single one of my classmates. This experience was truly once in a lifetime. Every single person in the group was an integral part of shaping the workshop experience. I hope to work and create  with you all in the future.

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