Saturday, June 25, 2011

Packing blues

It seems like only last week I was packing up and leaving on a 6am flight to Colorado to work as a camp counselor at Perry Mansfield. Not much has changed this year, except I am flying to CALIFORNIA to study at DELL'ARTE! That is right, I am about to become a California Gurl (heh heh).

I am currently in the process of packing...but decided to take a break to start my blog! I am going to be frequently posting updates with details about my life at Dell'Arte. Jeremy did a wonderful job on our blog last summer and now the apron strings are cut and it is my turn! I am nervous/excited/nervous to go, but I think it will be just as life changing as Perry Mansfield was..and if anything, I know I am going to learn a ton!

But right now I am desperately trying to pack. Packing has become the bane of my existence. Despite my attempts to pack light, I still manage to need more luggage than any one person should handle AND feel like I am forgetting stuff.


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