Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Midsummer Nights Dream 2

We have officially wrapped up our first week of rehearsals! It has only been a week, but it was full of crazy adventures already. Since we do not have our own building, we have relied on the kindness of others to donate space to rehearse. Thus far, we have rehearsed in the lobby of the Bradley Theatre, the studio space in the Bradley Theatre, the community room at Schnucks, and the porch of the Park District Building. Thank goodness our cast is so generous with their time and open minded!

Not many people can say they have rehearsed in a grocery store and a porch...hooray for grassroots theatre!

This week we officially signed our contract with Camp Wokanda! It feels like the three of us bought a house together. We visit the space every week just to BE there and walk around...and  I swear it gets prettier every time we go!

We started our blocking rehearsals this week! In four short days we have all but two scenes completely blocked! It has been so amazing. There are beautiful amounts of play at every rehearsal. The environment feels so safe. It is wonderful to take a step back every once in a while and look at all the different people working together and playing together. Something or someone is definitely watching over this production. Even with what could be perceived as setbacks i.e. losing our rehearsal space, random miracles would occur. For the three of us were panicking about finding a rehearsal space on Wednesday, the man who delivered and was setting up my futon (which was two days late) suggested Schnucks. We called and they had a room available! It was as if the stars had to align just right. My futon HAD to be late because otherwise we wouldn't have had a space. He also offered to help out with any heavy lifting and transportation of set pieces! It is so wonderful how art can bring people together!

Here are some of our rehearsal pictures!

Rehearsal in a grocery store!

Rehearsal on a porch

Sarah and I closed out the week with another visit to Camp Wokanda. After rehearsing in various locations it was interesting to go back and walk the blocking. The stage is huge!!! For any cast member reading this, we are going to be in great shape before all this is over!

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