Monday, April 30, 2012

A Midsummer Nights Dream 1

It is my pleasure to announce that A Midsummer Nights Dream is officially underway! We had a successful and hilarious first read through! As one can imagine coordinating 23+ people's schedule is very difficult. We had two different days tentatively scheduled for the read through which did not work. So Sarah randomly picked a day and booked the space. Magically it was the only day most people were able to make. The day was April 23rd...Shakespeare's Birthday! Someone is definitely looking over our production. This is a story that HAS to be told RIGHT NOW with THIS group of people. And can I just say, we have an extremely talented cast! There was already a tremendous amount of warmth and generosity in the room as we read through the script. Andrew and I could barely contain ourselves as we listened to the characters come to life. It was a bit spooky at first, looking around the room and seeing the group as a whole. Sarah and I know everyone from different parts of our lives and suddenly we are all here, together, in one room working on one project. It is truly beautiful how theatre can bring people together like this. 




Wednesday April 25, was Chillicothe Day. Andrew, Jess (Hyppolyta), Kayleigh (Peaseblossom) and I ventured out to Chillicothe to pass out our press release and start getting the word out. We started at my apartment for brunch.

"My heart is true as steel" - Helena to Demetrius

Then we were off! We first visited our new home. Camp Wokanda. Last time we were there, it was nearly dark. Can I just say, the space is even more gorgeous in the daylight! We are so lucky to have this beautiful space to play in and to be working the generous Peoria Park District.

view from the stage

We then visited some vintage stores on our way into Chilli (and found some awesome costume pieces) and walked the main road once in Chillicothe.

As we made our way we came to find out the Chillicothe Independent, the local newspaper, had run a story on us already!

The Great Work has truly begun!

Now we have some hard work to do ourselves to keep this momentum up. But I know we will keep pushing each other along in this journey.

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